Carrier selection

When you shop with us, you have several options for choosing a carrier.

That way, you can decide which freight carrier you want to use yourself. This can be especially true when you choose to send the package to a package store, as you can choose the package store closest to your place of residence.

The choice of carrier also affects price and speed, as well as whether the carrier works on weekends / holidays.

Most often, GLS is the slightly faster choice, but because GLS does not work on the weekends, but DAO does, they may well prove that DAO would be faster if ordering up to a weekend, but there is no guarantee unfortunately.

Free delivery over 400 DKK - to parcel shops

If you shop for DKK 400 or more at the shop you will receive free delivery if you at the same time choose to have your parcel shipped to a parcel shop. This applies to both GLS and DAO.

Please note that you will not be able to see the discount until you have selected the supplier when checking out.